Our vendors

HEre are our vendors

All our vendors are selected to ensure that the market offers a variety of local products. We assure you that quality is our priority.

Fruits, Veggies, & Mushrooms

  • Culture Adamo
  • Ferme Anse au sable
  • Ferme de la Rive
  • Ferme de l’île mtl
  • Ferme Léger
  • Ferme Quinn
  • Les Fruits du Poirier
  • Les Jardins Carya
  • Macdonald Student-run Ecological Gardens (MSEG)
  • Verger de Hudson Bio
  • verger Labonté
  • Zoltan’s

Baked Goods

  • Boulangerie Des Rosiers
  • Noola Pasta 
  • Suut
  • Worke’s Kitchen


  • Café Elba
  • La Maison de thé Ochadô
  • TWIGS Café

Cheese and Meats

  • Ferme Lauzon
  • Multi-Ferme
  • Plume des champs
  • Nan-Cheeze (vegan)

Ready-made Foods

  • Masala Dhaba
  • Worke’s Kitchen

Specialty Products

  • Café Elba
  • Cidrerie d’un hectare
  • Du champs au pot
  • Érablière des Roy
  • Équipe zéro (Ginkgo Joe)
  • Homefield Farm (flowers)
  • Maison de thé Ochadô
  • Noola Pasta
  • Oliveos
  • Amango & Cabosse Cacao
  • Tannahill Soaps
  • The Cultured Foodie
website anse au sable
Ferme Anse au Sable
Ferme de l'île

Certified organic

les jardins Carya

Certified organic

Macdonald Student-run Ecological Gardens

Uses organic practices, but is not certified​

Ferme Quinn
Plume des champs

Information to come


Local café from Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, offering a variety of sweets

Worke's Kitchen

Ethiopian foods

Information to come

Café Elba

A variety of coffees from the 7 countries of Central America. Elba's team is dedicated to giving back to coffee pickers in El Salvador

La Cidrerie d'un hectare

Offers a variety of apple ciders

Équipe Zéro
tannahill Soaps
Tannahill Soaps
The Cultured Foodie

Fermented foods such as kimchi

Homefield Farm

Flower producter

Verger Hudson Bio
Verger de Hudson Bio

Certified organic

Culture Adamo

Variety of microgreens

Ferme de la Rive

Uses organic practices, but is not certified

Ferme Léger

In the process of getting their organic certification

Les Fruits du Poirier

Variety of berries and haskcap products

Ferme Lauzon

Variety of duck products


Alternative cheeses (vegan)

Bonlangerie des rosiers
Boulangerie Des Rosiers
Masala Dhabba

Indian meals and snacks

Maison de thé Ochadô

A variety of teas from around the world

Du champs aux pots
Érablière des Roy

Maple syrup and other maple-based products


Greek organic olive oil

Amango Cacao
Amango & Cabosse Cacao

variety of chocolat products


Site web


Verger Labonte
Verger Labonté
Noola Pasta
Noola Pasta

a variety of artesian pastas

website suut

Many sugar-free, keto, etc. options for bread, donuts, and cookies.