Anse au Sable Farm

Anse au Sable Farm was founded in 1980 on abandoned grounds in Ile Perrot, by Jean Fournel, a recent graduate of Agriculture at Macdonald College. The farm has grown and prospered, now providing the market with strawberries, corn and melons in the summer, to apples, pumpkins and Brussels sprouts in the fall. "My methods of growing my crops are to provide the best environment to the plants so they can develop to their full potential, in flavor and appearance."

To achieve this, he provides all the nutrients to the soil according to analysis. Of utmost importance is to provide a weed free field – by mechanical and hand weeding. And, he has turned to using high tunnels in growing tomatoes in the past few years to avoid using fungicide. With larger scale crops like strawberries, apple and sweet corn, some pesticides are used – using the newest and safest ones, even if they are more expensive. "What keeps me farming is the joy I find every season when nature comes back to life after our long and tough winter. That melting snow running down from my fields, exposing the plowed grounds from last year, is just a call to get ready to seed some crops there. It brings me happiness to do just that."


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Boulangerie Des Rosiers

Located on the Chemin du Fleuve at les Cèdres, the Bakery (Certified organic) is the only bakery in Quebec that is vertically integrated; which means that wheat is grown on the farm, the grain processed into flour on site in the Moulin des cedres and finally made into bread in the bakery located inside the mill. This is the ultimate "farm to table" Bakery.
All their breads are Sourdough style.

Certified organic by Ecocert Canada


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Chez Joly Farm

Chez Joly Farm is a small family farm, in the agricultural region of Île Bizard, in existence since 1960.

Following in her parents footsteps, Diane Joly has been using sustainable farming practices since 2006. She grows a diversity of vegetables but finds that her edible flowers, cucumbers. cherry tomatoes, garlic, onions and potatoes are especially popular. Her market stand is among the most beautiful at market, graced with seasonal flowers and styled with love and care as if for the pages of House and Garden Magazine! For Chez Joly, biodiversity is in the spotlight!


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Érablière Des Roys

Yvon des Roy and Celine Leduc, are 3rd generation maple syrup producers from a 70 year old enterprise, of which they are extremely proud. Their high quality of maple syrup and maple products has garnered several awards over the years – notably in 2000 a First Place as the Titre du Grand Maitre Sucrier International awarded by the Minister of Food and Agriculture, as well as the prize for the Collection d'excellence, given by Citadelle, a cooperative of maple producers. They harvest maple water from 16 000 trees in Ste-Marthe with the highest of standards.

"Our enterprise specializes in maple syrup production, but we also transform this « yellow gold » into a large variety of delicious maple products. We invite you to discover them and experience the unique taste for yourself!"


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Cooperative Tourne-Sol Farm
Certified Organic

The Tourne-Sol Cooperative Farm is a group of 5 young farmers who met while studying at university – Reid Allaway, Dan Brisebois, Emily Board, Renée Primeau and Frédéric Theriault. Their interest in good food, social justice and the environment led them to start a workers co-op in the fall of 2004. Tourne-Sol grows organic vegetables, seeds, garden plants, flowers, herbs and teas for market and their CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture).

Tourne-Sol farm has been actively involved in the Ste-Anne market since their beginnings and has contributed to the market's growth significantly. You can find their fresh products from April to December at the market. You'll find links for those on Tourne-Sol's brand new website, which also features an online seed store, and provides all the info for their organic vegetable basket program.

Of Interest: Due to the uniqueness of their farm model, Tourne-sol has been the subject of numerous media articles, videos and documentaries, most recently featured in Taste Hunters : les Explorateurs du Goût, produced in France.

Certified organic by Ecocert Canada


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De la Rive Farm

Shelley Edwards, and Bruce De Waele started their 3 acre family farm in 2006, situated on the shore of the historic Rigaud River. Bruce studied agriculture at Mcgill University and had his own hog farm when he was 18 years old. He is the dirt expert in the family. Shelley’s background as a chef for 20 years has a big influence on what they grow, choosing most varieties for taste and originality.

They use sustainable farm practices. "Though we are not certified organic we abide by all organic principles according to the Canadian Standards. We pay particular attention to Heirloom varieties, concentrating on rare, unusual and exceptionally tasty vegetables."

  Of Interest: Their dream of opening a "Table Champetre/ Country Table" came to fruition in 2014, and now in addition to offering their vegetables, pies and preserves at market during the outdoor season, they open their farmhouse on the weekends for delicious Prix Fixe gourmet dinners made from the all the produce they raise at their farm.


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Quinn Farm

A friendly family enterprise, Quinn Farm produces asparagus, strawberries, corn, blueberries, raspberries, apples, pumpkins, squash and Christmas trees. Also made directly at the farm are preserves, such as jams and jellies, marinades, relish and ketchup. They also offer fresh baked muffins and pies from their fruits.

The farm was established at Notre-Dame-de-l'Île-Perrot in 1982 by the Quinn family. Today, their customers can also visit the farm with the whole family – « We welcome you to our fields for "pick-your-own" fruits, trailer rides, an animal farm, a maze for children, and to our farm store to find gift baskets and other pedagogical activities. »

Of Interest: Farm Patriarch Elwood Quinn is a regular guest on CJAD’s Dave’s World, sharing anecdotes and stories of farming today.


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Valens Farms

Good food and good living represent Valens Farms. Established in 2005, by four farming families in the South-West of Montreal, Valens has grown and grown and now enjoys providing hormone and antibiotic free as well as organic meats to families in most parts of Quebec.

Our specialty is our no nitrate-phosphate-MSG-gluten-lactose sausages and deli meats which taste fantastic and are easy to prepare. We also specialize in grass-fed beef, which tastes like nothing you have had before, pastured lamb (a delight) and real free-run-happy-chicken eggs. Currently our beef , eggs and oils are certified organic, and we are moving towards the day when all our products will be certified organic as well. As always good quality and healthy food comes from good farms. We are proud to be your farmers.


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Ferme A. Lauzon

Alain and Joseé operate a small-scale farm raising natural, high-quality Angus beef, pork and chicken with no growth hormones or antibiotics.

Our cattle are pasture-raised, drinking from their mothers and eating only grass. Unconfined, our animals are free to act according to their nature. Beef from Western Quebec, raised with love in Très-Saint-Rédempteur, Quebec!

Products: Angus beef, pork, chicken, eggs, chicken pies.


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Gordz Hot Sauce

Gordz Hot Sauce is a unique grower and producer of hot sauces. From their mild Habanero Nasturtium Jelly to their famous all natural Gordz Hot Sauce, they have a sauce to suit every taste!

The Pepper Ranch (est. 2008) was born out of their desire for a fresh tasting, low vinegar and extremely low salt hot sauce. “Choosing to grow our own produce and peppers chemical and pesticide free is our way of ensuring the fresh natural flavours when we go into production.”


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Jardins Carya, Certified Organic

Les Jardins Carya is a 7 acre diversified vegetable farm located in Senneville on the island of Montreal. It is surrounded by the Morgan Arboretum and near the Lake of Two Mountains providing a stunning array of biodiversity. The farm was founded in 2010 by Alex Flores & Ramzy Kassouf with Lee Mundy, who brought an eclectic mix of organic farming, business and life experience together to create a dynamic and passionate team. « We take great pride in providing fresh, certified organic, local food for our communities through our CSA programs and our participation at local farmers markets. »

Of Interest: We are proud to host students from the McGill Student Ecological Gardens (MSEG) and McGill University’s Internship program, giving budding farmers a place to learn.

Certified organic by Ecocert Canada/Certifié biologique par Ecocert Canada


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Jardins Normandeau

A family farm for over 100 years, Jardins Normandeau (a.k.a. Porcer Farm) was the recipient of the "My farm, a sustainable business" in 2001 for its good agro-environmental practices. Due to their heated greenhouse, many delicious conventionally- grown vegetables and fruits arrive at market very early in the season – like tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, eggplants, and strawberries. Also popular are their fresh handmade salsas and vinaigrettes.

“With pride, we are working to feed people for 3 generations”

Of Interest: Marie Normandeau is a professional - level cake decorator, and you will find her annual celebratory “faux vegetable” cakes featured at our Market Birthday - CakeTable, each September.

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Our Mission: To provide nutritious flavorful meals in a jar that promote a healthy lifestyle.

At Jarz we try to stay clear of anything that has been processed or refined. We know that it is important to eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible, like vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, seeds and nuts. We take pride in using the highest quality products and use organic and local ingredients whenever possible. Eating in a conscious way allows us to keep striving for a bright mind, healthy body, and happy spirit!

Why gluten free and vegan?We have discovered through personal experience that glutinous foods can be very difficult to digest and can leave people feeling sluggish, irritable, and bloated. For these reasons, all of our Jarz are gluten free. Our meals are vegan for many reasons... and we love the fact that you can have a meal that's rich in protein, iron, calcium, essential vitamins and minerals without containing any animal products. Besides, most people in our community can benefit from eating a little less meat! Feeling light and revitalized after eating makes it all worthwhile.

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Laperle et son boulanger

Bernard Bélanger never intended to make bread. His keen interest in other cultures and ‘social militancy and social justice’ led him to Guatamala and Mexico in the mid 90’s. Amidst a whirwind adventure, there and beyond, he stumbled onto some really good sourdough bread. And he was hooked. An apprenticeship followed and one year later he opened up his first bakery: Atelier de Boulangerie de l’est.

Fast forward to today and you find Bernard and his partner Julie Laperle baking sourdough bread and pastries in their boutique bakery “Laperle et son boulanger” in Dunham, Quebec, with the greatest respect for traditional bakers. The breads are handmade, the flours are local, organic and stone ground, and ingredients such as grapes and  filberts, are used in their most natural state possible. He finds it a privilege to be able to live from his bread.

“It’s my way to walk the walk of social and spiritual justice, and fighting a peaceful fight.“

Certified organic by Ecocert Canada


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Madame Taco

Madame Taco serves 'made-on-site' Mexican soft corn tacos (gluten –free) with various fillings, notably the slow-roasted, smoky Yucatecan Pulled Pork, and Organic Refried Black Beans, Breakfast Omelette, Fresh Salsas and her signature Mexican Rice Pudding. Recipes are authentic Mexican, based on the fare from the Little Mexican Cooking School in the Mayan Riviera, which owner, Patti Murphy (AKA Mme Taco) co-founded in 2009. Ingredients used are fresh, local, and organic as much as possible. Come for a little 'petit-dejeuner' or taco, and stay to talk about Mexican food, or exchange travel stories and recipes, with Patti.

Of Interest: Patti Murphy wears two hats on market days, being the Coordinator of Marché –Ste-Anne since 2012. She also teaches cooking classes for the town.


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McGill, Macdonald Student-run

Ecological Gardens

The Macdonald Student-Run Ecological Garden, (MSEG) now cultivates close to 2 acres of land on the Macdonald Campus Farm and within the Morgan Arboretum.

Students from a wide range of disciplines practice organic agriculture to produce a variety of crops which are sold to McGill university staff and students and the community at large. MSEG is striving to expose students to the daily challenges and accomplishments of running a farm, while working towards a global vision of bringing sustainable agricultural practices to the forefront of the university.

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Miel et fromage

William Golding has been keeping bees and selling his unfiltered honey and hive products at our market since the beginning over 14 years ago. A few years after the market opened, things blossomed with another merchant, Cheese-maker Carole Bilodeau, and so began a new enterprise – Miel et Fromage. Carole’s 20 odd goats produce beautiful fresh and aged chevre and goat yogurt. The aged cheese is a delicious and versatile, less salty version of feta.
The cheese and honey produced from their farm in St. Justine is, in William’s words: Clean and Healthy.


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Ochadô Tea House

Founded in 2008 by Julie and Norman in Pierrefonds, this brother and sister team embarks on the Way of Tea by creating the teahouse Ochadô. High quality looseleaf teas come from several countries: China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, South Africa and Kenya. Ochadô offers quality, variety and dependable customer service to its customers.

“Our teas, accessories, tea sets and collections shall be of quality, durability, elegance and originality.”


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Plume des champs

Founded in 2007 in Rigaud, Plume des Champs is a poultry farm specializing in the production of pasture –raised guinea hen.

Matthieu Gosselin prides himself on the stress-free conditions in which his birds are raised. They feed on hay and insects complimented by 100% vegetable grain. Raised without antibiotics, growth hormones or any animal fat meal, this farming method gives them a unique taste and texture high nutritional value.

Of Interest: The guinea fowl from Plumes des Champs is found on several esteemed Chef’s menus, in the Montreal and West Island area.


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Fromagerie Ruban bleu

Cheese-makers Caroline Tardif and Jean Francois Hébert keep goats and buy sheeps milk so they can make several varieties of cheese in the fromagerie. The stars of the show are their chevres. from the semi-firm La Bastringue to La Pyramide, named for its shape, and Le Charbonnier, a cheese coated in ground ash from pine trees of the Maritimes.

Ruban Bleu is a mainstay at the outdoor summer market with occasional appearances at the indoor market. Their facility at the farm, houses a shop where all their cheeses can be purchased, and makes for an enjoyable outing when you are headed south over the Mercier Bridge.


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Savons Tannahill

Having a shower with a bar of pure handmade soap is a glorious way to start your day. Formulated exclusively with natural plant oils, Tannahill Handcrafted Soap is mild on the skin and gentle for the environment. The abundant proportions of almond oil and shea butter reduce the need for additional skin care products, while vitamin E contributes to the anti-oxidant properties of this fine soap. Tannahill soap uses the finest ingredients, contains no parabens and is free of synthetic preservatives and artificial colouring agents.


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Worke’s Kitchen

Worke’s Kitchen is a unique family bakery that bakes many Ethiopian traditional delights such as enjera, merso, sambusa, awazi and more!

The specialty breads are also a treat. Sweet potato cinnamon buns, ginger breads, apple cakes and many other varieties are all prepared with their own multi-grain flour and fresh organic ingredients. Their sourdough breads include flax seed, mixed-nut and whole wheat. Certain gluten-free breads are available upon order.


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McMillan Orchards

For over fifty years, McMillan Orchards has produced apples and maple syrup. Alexander McMillan, Linda’s grandfather settled in Franklin in the 1800s and bought the farm for his son Wilber in 1904 for $ 200.00. Today Linda and husband, Gary, continue  the apple and maple syrup productions.

They are also open to the public for « U-pick » cherries in July by reservation and the months of Sept. and Oct. for apples, pears and plums. They continue to add new products such as a variety of berries, rhubarb, garlic, horseradish etc. They have been regular market vendors at the Ste-Anne’s outdoor waterfront market for many years, supplying their farm-made baked goods, jams, jellies & pickles, and freshly pressed (frozen) pure apple juice all year round.

Of Interest: Also music lovers, the farm has been the home of the Apple Hollow Music Fest since 2013.


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Vignoble Au coin de France

The vineyard Corner began in 2005 in Coteau du lac, by planting 1,500 vines. The selected grape vines are from Minnesota State in the northern United States, being cold resistant, it allows them to experience Quebec winters without adding additional protection.

After a few years to become familiar with the vineyards it was decided to expand the vineyard to give it a commercial vocation. Now, the entire Drolet Family are involved in the enterprise, Michel and Danielle have created producing two styles of table wines – a traditional red and a fruity, aromatic white wine.


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Zoltans Wild Foods

Zoltans offers a wide variety of home-made food sourced from local ingredients, grown or foraged in Western Quebec and Eastern Ontario. If they don't grow it,  or foraged for it, they buy and barter from their neighborhood organic farmers. Unique and tasty, their gourmetsoups, pizzas, roasted garlic butters, salad dressings, horseradish mustard, smoked cheese are distinctive. 

Susan's specialty is wild mushrooms, both edible and medicinal, fresh and dried. In fact, Zoltan’s Wild Mushroom Soup has become a mainstay at the fall market. With her son Zak, Susan’s goal is to produce entirely local and organic food, bringing as many wild edibles as possible to the market.

Of Interest: A trained and experienced forager, Susan Valyi offers Mushroom Hunting Expeditions from spring to fall. When not foraging in the wild, Susan is also an award-winning sculptor.


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