Orlando's recipes:

But first, a few culinary inspirations:
« At the Saturday morning market in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, it is a pleasure to cook for the people of my city.
The people here are all part of one big family".
« We double our existence when we have the talent to multiply our pleasures.
This thought from Casanova inspires me on a daily basis".

Maple and goat cheese delight
For our first tapas start by cutting a baguette bread into slices.
Then place one piece of Monsieur Émile's goat cheese on each slice, topped with a touch of maple jelly.
This recipe is as tasty as it is simple!

Strawberry garlic tapas
Our second tapas is as simple (and just as delicious) as the first!
Simply replace the maple jelly with garlic jelly, and add a small piece of freshly picked, locally grown strawberry!
The unfamiliar flavor blend may seem strange, but have a taste and your doubts will vanish!

Let the SALSAs do the rest!
Let me introduce you to two salsa sauces that will make the whole difference!
These two sauces can accompany and enhance many main dishes, as they can be enjoyed on their own.
For the Salsa d'Orlando begin by chopping one green onion and a bouquet of fresh coriander.
In another bowl, add olive oil and sunflower oil, salt, pepper and add the finely chopped herbs and onion.
Put some loving in your mixing, and get ready to enjoy!
For the Salsa d'Annie, simply replace the coriander with fresh basil and strawberries.
The mix of onions, oils, salt and pepper remain the same.

Summer hot Merguez tapas
Our third tapas is made from merguez and chipolata sausages.
First, cook the sausages on a BBQ grill. Ideally, heat the BBQ from charcoal as this will make the meat much tastier.
Remember, the time you invest in your meal preparation will be rewarded by the extent of your guests' appreciation!
For your meat to remain juicy and tender, it must be cooked slowly and at a low temperature.
Allow an average of 8 minutes for your sausages to be fully ready, and let them rest a few moments.
Chop the sausages in bite-size pieces, and with a toothpick, join it with a half of a strawberry.
Place on a decorated plate and a touch of chipolata sauce to the tapas.
Don't forget to add a touch of love as well- it is not a negligible ingredient!

Sunny Day Gazpacho
For the Sunny Day Gazpacho
- a remarkably refreshing cold soup for the heavy summer heats -
choose six Quebec grown tomatoes, half a cucumber, a bouquet of green onions, fresh coriander and fresh basil.
To make your gazpacho exceptionally tasty, add fresh strawberries, as well as a touch of natural apple juice.
In a blender, mix until the texture has reached the desired smoothness.
Finally, add a pinch of salt and pepper.

Want to add a more daring touch?
When serving your gazpacho, you may drop a small amount of maple syrup on the surface of the cup.

« What I most enjoy in my job as a "food and flavor explorer" is to cook,
fully present to the moment, using fresh and high quality products from Quebec markets,
and to create meals for local producers and growers to enjoy ».

All the ingredients used for the recipes above are available at the following vendors :
Baguette bread – La perle et son boulanger
Monsieur Émile goat cheese – Fromagerie Ruban Bleu
Maple jelly – Érablière des Roy
Garlic jelly – Vergers McMillan
Strawberries – Ferme Quinn et ferme l’Anse au sable
Fresh coriander and basil – Ferme Coopérative Tourne-Sol
Green onions – Jardins Normandeau et Ferme Coopérative Tourne-Sol
Rocket salad – La Ferme Carya
Olive oil – Divine Olive
Sunflower oil - Ferme Coopérative Tourne-sol
Merguez and chipolata sausages – Ferme Lochette
Chipolata sauce – Ferme Lochette
Tomatoes – Les Jardins Normandeau
Cucumbers – Les Jardins Normandeau
Natural apple juice – Ferme Quinn
Maple syrup – Érablière des Roy